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I was reading about a clinical trial I was made aware of being run out of John Hopkins - about Vitamin D and MS - and I had this statement...

"a vitamin D response element was recently identified in the promoter region of HLA-DRB1*15, the gene believed to be critical to initiating the autoimmune response in MS, and 1, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 increases the expression of the gene in vitro, suggesting that vitamin D supplementation could even be harmful in established MS."

Huh? Am I possibly hurting myself instead of helping?

The study is trying to show that Vitamin D helps - but they are open about the fact that i might actually hurt...
Just have to wait for all the info before we will know
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Yes, all that they're saying so far is that they believe a particular gene is involved in starting the autoimmune inflammation that occurs in MS - and they've identified a site that vitamin D can bind to in the part of this gene that acts like a switch to turn it on or off - and in an experiment in the lab they showed that vitamin D can turn the gene on.

They'll need to do more research to find out whether this binding actually occurs in people (rather than just in a test tube or petri dish) and how the immune system responds. They won't yet know whether vitamin D from food or sunlight makes its way to the right cell type in the right chemical composition for the binding to happen, and they won't yet know whether other chemical messengers interfere with the binding or modify the effects that it causes. So far, the evidence from research using real people suggests that vitamin D helps to reduce the autoimmune inflammation in MS. Vitamin D is an immunomodulator - it's entirely possible that sometimes vitamin D increases inflammation and sometimes it reduces inflammation dependent on what other chemical messengers and hormones are released.
Thanks for the info. I have read just about every clinical trial I can find and have not found any evidence that anyone has actually found harm by the use of vitamin D - well so far at least... I guess I will continue on Vitamin D supplementation for now!
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