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Hi all I discovered recently that instead of taking 5xtabs (5000IU)day you can get drops which make it far easier to take; after all you are already taking many f/oil tabs per day. I am sure there will be other suppliers but the site I buy from is www.netpharmacy.co.nz You will need to fill out a form and possibly laiase with the Pharmacist for the first order who will ask a few questions as this is not for general sale like the rest of the products. Thought this would be particulary good for children.
Hi Angela You don't need to take 5 times the 1,000IU capsules. Go to the Sunlight and vitamin D page and you will find links to where you can order 5,000IU capsules. Be well George
Excellent! thanks for that it's a very comprehensive site. The 5000IU tabs work out to be cheaper/day than the drops if you can swallow tabs ok.
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