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I'm too scared to take the megadoses of vitamin d3 and fish oil. However I take 5000 iu vit d3 daily and one fish oil plus plenty of flax seed oil. Will these amounts make a positive difference to my relapse rate bearing in mind I was taking nothing before I started this program last month.
There is no need to be scared of the megadoses. Especially in the case of the Vit D, you may need a megadose to get you to the correct level (you can't build Vit D over time; you have to have a megadose and then supplement to keep your levels stable). Getting your Vit D level up as quickly as possible is essential as a guard against relapse.


Have you had a blood test to ascertain what your current level of vitamin D?

Any supplementation or megadose you may plan require that information first.

We all metabolise vitamin D very differently - some people need more or less than others.


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I think most people are a little nervous of taking the megadoses, I know I was.

To make it worse, in the UK, the largest over the counter supplement I could find was 1000IU, so when I took my first megadose of 150,000IU I had to swallow 150 pills in one go which didn't seem right!

However, as other people have found, I had no side effects and when I got my Vit D levels up, started to see positive benefits.

I would not hesitate to take a megadose now if I needed it.

Thank you for your replies. I haven't actually checked my vit d levels but I'm guessing it'll be pretty low as I live in the uk and stay indoors most of the time. I'm going to carry on with what I'm doing now and check my levels in a couple of months. I'm hoping 5000 iu a day will have made a positive impact.
Hi Kutkut

It is really important to get your Vit D levels checked, especially as you live in the UK and are indoors a lot. I had mine checked last July and I was at 23nmol/L, which is VERY low. I had a megadose of 480,000iu, and that took me to 127nmol/L. Professor Jelinek recommends a Vit D level of 150 - 200nmol/L. I have been supplementing with 10,000iu a day since then, and will have another test in the next few months.

Getting your Vit D levels sorted out is one of the easiest parts of the OMS programme. You are leaving yourself open to the risk of relapse if they are low. I appreciate you are scared of the megadose aspect, but wouldn't a relapse be worse?

Please get your levels checked!
Hi Kutkut

I must admit when I started (3 years ago now) I was concerned about the idea of a megadose so didn't, however I took 10,000iu a day -2 capsules 5000 each ordered on the internet from one of the website recomended here. It took a while to get my levels up, after 7 months (I think) I was up to around 100 and 6 months later I was pretty close to 150 and the next check I was there! I get VitD checked roughly every 6 months.

You don't say how much fish oil you are taking. While flaxseed oil is great (I use it) you must remember for the first 9 months you should focus on fish sources. I have always followed the recommendation in the book - 1 can John West sardines in springwater each day for breakfast. When I want a break I rely on flaxseed oil.

In relation to megadose - which I didn't- I think some doctors will give a shot to get vit D up to a reasonable level which is by definition a megadose.

Thank you for replying Mo. It's good to know that the levels can be gradually built up over time. Do you continue to take 10,000 iu a day?
Yes I continue to take 10000iu daily however I am now skipping weekends as my levels are where I want them to be so 50000per week as opposed to 5000perday which would be 35000per week.
The thing about building your levels up over time rather than quickly with a megadose is that it leaves you open to relapses while you are waiting to get to the right level.

Remember the minimum is 150 nmol/L and up around the 200 nmol/L gives room for a sudden drop if your body goes through some type of stress like sickness or trauma. Personally I find that I have to take higher doses often and if I get sick or as recently I lost my mum, I automatically take an extra 50,000IU dose above my usual 10,000IU per day as insurance. This seems to work really well.

You may like to reconsider the megadose option.
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