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I'm new to this forum (joined last week), had my first attack 4 yrs ago and then retreated into denial before starting to feel bad again and listening to George Jelinek's talk on National Radio (NZ). I then ditched dairy, bought the book and and converted my (and my husbands and 3yo) diet.

As we are trying for another baby does anybody have any feeling on this report <http://www.msrc.co.uk/index.cfm?fuseaction=show&pageid=1408> about the lowered risk in your kids if you drink 4 glasses of milk or more a day in pregnancy?

And if anyone has any helpful tips for pregnancy ad this diet please let me know.


Hi Caroline

In some parts of the world, milk is supplemented with vitamin D. That is likely to be the reason for this finding. In fact, it is much better just to supplement directly with the vitamin D and omit the milk! It is very unlikely that it was anything about the milk itself that produced this benefit, and we know that vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy reduces the child's risk of developing MS significantly. Given all the problems associated with cow's milk consumption (MS, type 1 diabetes, lactose intolerance, etc), it is much better avoided altogether.

Best wishes

Thanks George for the quick reply. Its very easy to get misled by some of the summarized findings. What I like about your book is how well the research is referenced and summarized. My university studies were in Maths and I'm completing graduate study in statistics (well when I can fit it in between full time work a toddler and MS) and you gave one of the best plain language definitions of p-values I've seen!

My vit D blood results should be back in a week but I think I'll head straight to the health store tomorrow for supplements for me and my 3yo. At least my Doctor while telling me 'these diets' aren't proven (interesting comment when she hasn't read the book or even heard of Swank) is happy to support me in getting levels checked and will go from there.

Hi Caroline

Bit hard to find a high enough dose of vitamin D in the health food stores. Get them online. Link on the Sunlight and Vitamin D page....

Be well

Hi Caroline, I'm in Murchison just over the Strait from you!

My GP, Australian ;-) has had me on prescription cholecalciferol 50,000IU, 1 dose once a month for the last 6 months. This is not enough obviously now I'm following Georges recommendations. But Pharmac here in NZ do fund the right type of high dose vit D, so you could ask your doctor for a script.


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Hi Wendy & George,

Thanks for the replies. My vit D levels came back today - I'm on the low side of normal (it was under 70). I've been offered on prescription the once a mth of 50,000 IU which is all there is available so I'll take that to get my levels up and my doctor has agreed to retest in 3 mths time. Meanwhile I'm still looking for somewhere easy in NZ to get some capsules at 5000 IU. But at least 5 of the 1000 capsules aren't too bad at the moment.

On a plus side I'm feeling a lot better after 2 weeks on the new regime.

Caroline, if you do not mind buying over the internet there are a couple of online retailers that will ship good Vitamin D supplements to NZ, and they are both listed under the Vitamin D and Sunlight section of the website. I would strongly recommend that you not wait for your doctors' script of 50,000 iu's once a month, you need to get your level up immediately. There is plenty of advice on the website as to how to do this, please have a read of it and come back to us if you have any queries.
Thanks Lisa,

My level was actually 57 so only just in the 'Normal' for NZ. I've had the first 50,000 tablet on prescription and plan to also supplement myself with a daily dose (5000-10000) and then see what differnece it makes to my levels in 3 mths time. I'm just being cheap in trying to find the best deal to ship to NZ. In the meantime I'm jsut swallowing lots and lots of capsules (between the fish oil and the Vit D)

Hi Caroline I live in Auckland and have tried a few online purchases and compared.
You can get drops from www.netpharmacy.co.nz which is quite good.

But the most recent and economical purchase was from I herb - www.iherb.com/Search?kw=vit%20d3
Healthy Origins, Vitamin D3, 5,000 IU, 360 Softgels $16.95 2 $0.00 US$33.90

You can get bigger but I thought the 5,000IU gave me the flexibility to adjust if needed. I take 10,000IU/day.

I still keep my GP informed of what I am taking though.

I noticed some NZ members have had their Vit D held by Customs who wanted a Doctor's release.

I forgot to ask them the quantity they were bringing in. If it is large amounts I would expect Customs to be suspicious.
Therefore i only ever order two at a time; but you see that these capsules come with 360 in each bottle so two at a time will last ages.
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The iherb.com site has improved a lot. They now offer 10,000IU softgel capsules containing olive oil at a very reasonable price. A good option for people on this daily dose.
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