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Problem absorbing vitamin D3

PostPosted: Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:01 pm
by Caruso

I was wondering if anybody had any ideas of what may help.

RR MS diagnosed 14 years ago.

About 3 years ago I started vitamin D3 supplements but I have had a hard time keeping the vitamin D3 levels high. Currently I have required 20,000iu a day to keep the levels above 100 (United Kingdom units mmol/l ?) and have been on this dose for over a year. I have had an upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy both of which were normal and biopsies were also normal.

Thank you,

Re: Problem absorbing vitamin D3

PostPosted: Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:43 pm
by ruthmj
G'day Caruso

I heard that taking Vit D supplements with the largest meal of the day can increase absorption by heaps (by up to 50% is mentioned on the website link: ... upplements) and I'm pretty sure that's what I heard mentioned by the leader at an MS Support group meeting too.

I need to know more about this also!


Re: Problem absorbing vitamin D3

PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:10 am
by The Omsarian
Caruso, some suggestions:
Take Vit D3 during day (ie when sun is out) and with food and some oil eg FSO on yr food as D is fat soluble

Take vit K2 (preferably the m7 type I think it is). Research it on OMS forum as we've discussed it before. You get lots of K1 on OMS diet but you need to supplement for K2 or eat Natto ( fermented soy )

Look into (google) whole grains (or just whole varieties of wheat?) as they can bind with D. I don't know if that means taking D at separate meals to whole grains or perhaps avoid wheat and its relatives, or go gluten free altogether until yr next test and see if it helps (or try some months doing a leaky gut heal as this may be a digestive issue that isn't picked up by conventional tests)

Get sleep and sun too, even if its cold and its just sun through yr clothes as its a relaxing feeling :) and helps release the hormones that complement D I reckon - that last bit is guessing :)

If none of that works try a genetic test eg 23&me &a knowledgeable Dr / health practitioner to see if you have any extra impediments to absorption to work around

Let us know how you go.