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I have just been recently diagnosed, i got my blood test results today. Not surprisingly, my Vit D levels are very low- 56nmol. What dosage should i take to get the level up quickly?
150,000IU as a one off megadose should get your level up quickly followed by at least 5000iU per day. See this page for more details including where to source high dose capsules.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... Vitamin-D/
Great, Thanks Wendy.

I was also recently diagnosed with MS (1 month ago), I changed my diet and started Vit D (5,000 IU) and fish oil supplements over the past month. Blood level of vit D was only 34 nmol/L while using 5,000 IU a day. Is this possible? I am not fatigued, but symptom improvement seems to have stagnated this past week. Should I also take a megadose of Vit D? Is this once only? I am too flustered to read all the info on the site about this at the moment. Can anyone advise?

Hi Hesther

Yes - you need to take a Vit D mega dose in order to get your levels up as soon as possible. You are considered to have low Vit D, even by normal (non-MS) standards. In the UK, doctors think a normal level for non MSers should be at least 50nmol/L, so your GP should agree to a mega dose.

To give you some idea, my original Vit D level was 23nmol/L. My GP prescribed a mega dose of 480,000iu over 8 weeks, which took my Vit D to 173nmol/L. Since then, I have been supplementing with 10,000iu per day. I am not sure where my Vit D level is at the moment.

Once you have had a mega dose, you should be able to keep your levels up by daily supplementation. Professor Jelinek recommends a Vit D level of around 150 - 200nmol/L.

Hope this helps. Vit D is not just about fatigue - you are more likely to relapse if your Vit D is low.

Thanks Rachel. I haven't heard back from my GP today, I did go out to buy the high potencey Vit D and will up the dosage to what Wendy recmmends.
Don't know what i would do without your invaluable help, thanks very much,
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