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Just querying on behalf of a pregnant friend with MS:

* Can you have a Vitamin D megadose while pregnant? (around 30 weeks, and current level is well below "normal" much less "high")

* At what age can you start supplementing babies? My friend will not be breast feeding but restarting medication days after the birth.

Thanks for any advice. Cheers :)
I'm not sure about the vitamin D question here, but it would be good for the baby if she can breast feed, and if she can't, then to avoid any formula that contains dairy products of any kind.


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Children are never too young to begin vitamin D supplements; indeed they should ideally start while in the womb.
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See this topic for a recent response from Professor Jelinek
See Sunlight and Vitamin D FAQs # 2 and also the Family FAQ's
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I asked Professor Jelinek whether a Vitamin D megadose is recommended in pregnancy and this is his reply:

I am not sure that there is any good data on this particular question. Certainly, from first principles, I think it wise to err on the side of caution, especially in the first trimester (1st 12 weeks or so). While there is not any real clinical trial information, if vitamin D is low, I think it would be reasonable to build levels up quite quickly with say 15,000IU a day (equivalent to the maximum that one would get from sun exposure in a day) over around 3-4 weeks, with a check blood level at the end of that period, followed by around 10,000IU a day (or less if able to keep level above 150nmol/L with a lower dose) for the rest of the pregnancy. This is a very cautious approach and highly unlikely to cause any problems. Of course, pregnancy is somewhat protective for the mother, and the high levels are as much to ensure baby's levels are high from conception as anything else.

Hope that helps.
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