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Hi all,
Just had my vitamin D level checked again after 6 months,(ended up been 7 months) My last test was 400nmol/L . The one I have just had came back the same, 400nmo/L. I am a bit concerned with it been that high for so long. So I need some advise from Wendy or George with what to do from here. I had been taking 35.000 a week.
Hi Michelle, if you are concerned, you should stop supplementing for two weeks and then resume at 35,000IU/week. This is obviously the right maintenance dose for you if your level has stayed constant.

However I do have a very recent personal anecdote to add here based on my high vitamin D levels and email correspondence with George. We should worry more about our levels being lower than 150-225nmol/L as that puts us at risk of a relapse.

"Hi George

I saw my GP yesterday for my annual catchup - if you remember she is that Aussie maverick that likes to support her patients positive lifestyle choices ;-)

We chatted for a while about my progress (MSQOL-54 up 4.5% - mental health score pretty much 100%). My last vit D test was 387nmol/L due to an unusually hot summer and lots of sunbathing. It's dropped now as I stopped supplementing for 2 weeks etc. Interesting that she was not at all fussed about this high level and said that the NZ guidelines for toxicity were that anything over 500nmol/L was cause for concern. Are you aware of this?

Interesting also that she wasn't worried about testing me again - she said maybe better she didn't as the other doctor in the practice gets excitable over the high vitamin D levels in her patients! She also took my blood pressure so she was seen to be doing something for the consult fee ;-)


Hi Wendy

That's great. What a sensible GP! I think she is absolutely right not to be concerned about that level, and I would only reduce the supplementation a tad during summer to sort that out. I agree with her that under 500 is probably OK, but didn't realise NZ was so progressive!

It makes me extremely happy to see you going so well. I am really impressed by the steady progression you make in exactly the opposite direction from what everyone with MS has done in the past. You are quite a trail blazer.

Be well

Hi Michelle

I too like Wendy have my Vit D results over 300. Mine hover between 320 and 280. I supplement 5000 in winter and 4000 in summer. My Neuro and my GP are not worried at all.

Take care
Nice! My GP is concerned that my level is 203...my neuro doesn't think that keeping my level high is important! I'm sick & tired of arguing with them. So I don't get my level tested with them. I get the test ordered through my naturopathic doctor. I pay for the test but its worth it and its only twice a year.
Thanks for your replies, I will have a rest for 2 weeks and then continue with what I was doing. I am glad to have advice. Thanks again to Wendy for sharing your letter from George.
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