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I am trying to sort things out from a high D level in my blood. My neuro called and said to stop, because my level is 105 ng/ml. I really wasn't concerned; however I e-mail my integrative medicine doctor, who knows much more about this, and who started on 10,000 a day from when I was first diagnosed. She says the level is not important, it's the calcium that is, and if I'm taking K2 then I'm fine. She also said if I feel fine, then I am fine! I'm thinking I should drop my dose to 5000 and start taking a calcium supplement as well. Thoughts?

Your level translates to Australian measurement is only 262.5 nmoL - only a little high of the recommended level and nothing to worry about.

The recommended level on this website is 150 - 250 nmol - that translates to 60 - 100 ngmol. Some people on here have higher levels than that and don't worry about it at all.

When my level got to 225 nmol my GP freaked and took me off it - a couple of months later it had dropped to 90 and I was in bed for a fortnight with unbearable fatigue.

I reckon you could think about dropping your dosage to 7000 - rather than cutting it in half, especially if you are not in a sunny place - and check up again in a couple of months.

Many people think that we don't need calcium if we are getting enough Vitamin D (see link below), but I guess your doctor knows about that.

Gak222, you are right not to be concerned about your vitamin D level.

The Brazilian Academy of Neurology is now recommending blood levels between 40 ng/ml and 100 ng/ml (100-250nmol/L):
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... 50nmol--L/

And neurologists would take 10,000IU/day of vitamin D themselves, but not prescribe for their patients! Target levels of 150-225nmol/L are also mentioned, with an upper safe level of 380nmol/L:
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... +patients/
From my understanding the theory is that K2 helps calcium make is way to the bones rather than the heart and other organs. I believe organ calcification is one of the side effects (maybe overly cautious) doctors fear if patients over supplement with D and calcium. I would definitely double check with your integrative medicine doctor before supplementing with calcium unless they specifically mentioned that. Natto (fermented soybeans) are an extremely weird tasting dietary source of K2. The Vitamin D council thinks K1 (found in dark leafy greens) most likely converts to K2 in the body and seemed to have a lot of citations to back up that claim, though plenty of people disagree with that view.

https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/blog/dr ... itamin-k2/

Thanks everyone, the challenge will be communicating this with my neurologist! She called back to get re-assurance that I STOPPED taking D for now. I want to respectfully inform her of why I'm continuing to take D. I have open e-mail communication with her, so I'm thinking to put together some of the evidence based research and kindly say READ THIS! Any suggestions as to how I should approach this?
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I'm thinking to put together some of the evidence based research and kindly say READ THIS! Any suggestions as to how I should approach this?

I'd recommend following up the relevant references in Prof. Jelinek's book and the OMS website to find the original research papers on Medline / PubMed. Even if you can only access the abstract, it's enough to show your neuro that you're not just getting your info from some random website: it's backed up by vigorous, peer-reviewed, published research.
That's going to be my approach when I next see mine in June!
Good luck :)
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