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I have recently heard that to get an accurate result you should stop supplements 2 weeks before a blood test. I have never done this. Does anyone know how this can change the results?

No, don't stop supplements before having a vitamin D test. Your level will drop quickly if you stop supplementing - the whole point of the test is to ascertain whether you are taking enough vitamin D to maintain an optimum blood level of 200nmol/L.

I recently got the results back from my vitamin D blood test and the doctor rang me because she was concerned it was too high at 177nmol/L and now wants me to get my blood calcium checked and at least halve the amount of vitamin D3 I am taking. I started taking vitamin D3 at the beginning of January I take 10000IU/day and have also taken 2 mega-doses of 150,000IU in that time, I had my blood test at the beginning of March. So in essence I was taking that dose for 2 months. I can't really tell if I am taking too much it does seem be be high at 177nmol/L after only 2 months of supplementing but I can't get a re-test (NHS policy). Maybe I wasn't deficient to begin with. I continued taking vitamin D right up until the test.

With out knowing that starting level it is hard to say. How much you take also depends on how fat you are I am around 54kilo and need only about 4000 a day to maintain.
I know I wish I had a before and after. I'm not overweight at all I'm 60kg at 5ft 11". I'll get the blood calcium test done (but I doubt it will be elevated) and reduce the dose to 5000IU.

My calcium and vitamin d I test every 6 months and my calcium has never been elevated,
Thanks Wendy, that makes complete sense.
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