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I recently had my vitamin d level rechecked and also asked them to do calcium levels. They said they would do a "bone profile" and posted me loads of results yesterday. All results were pretty much middle of the range, except Alk Phos which was only just in the range at 127. Baring in mind that the range also includes children and elderly who should have much higher levels than me at 45, I am concerned that this level is too high. Strangely, you would expect it to be low with high levels of vitamin d? I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or If OMS is likely to impact on these levels at all?

Oh, sorry! I forgot to mention that I do have lower back and hip pains - just diagnosed with bursitis in my hip. The pain does feel a bit bone-like though.
More importantly, what was your vitamin D level?
120nmol so needs some work but I certainly wouldn't expect an elevated Alk Phos level with that reading?
You should be much more concerned about your vitamin D level which has dropped considerably since you posted in January. George even commented that your level was perfect!

Vitamin D is so important to help prevent relapses and all round good health.
I dont know how relevant it is to your specific situation, but for your bones to use the D, you might want to look into vit K2 eg from natto or a special type of supplement. Search OMS forum from discussions on it. (A certain type of K2, not K2 from normal veg diet). If it helps, please share your experience with us

My deep joint pain hasn't bothered me since taking k2 (i think its m7 type of k2 from distant memory) but there could be other reasons why. I didn't pay close attention to when it stopped hurting
Yes Wendy, I am addressing the vitamin d level but don't know enough about the bone side of things and the relevance of Alk Phos. I am concerned that there might be other stuff going on that should be addressed. Sara, I recently started taking k2 and magnesium because of my bone and joint pains. It is early days and no noticable changes, I will keep you posted.

Thanks for the responses.

Are you gluten free?
No Veg, I never appeared to have a problem with gluten. it has crossed my mind recently though because I am doing everything right an my MS is really good. It is just these pains :(. I might be eating a bit more gluten on OMS to keep me full so maybe worth considering. If there is no improvement with magnesium and vitamin K in the next week or so I will try the gluten route. Reading about high levels of Alk Phos is a little worrying so I was sort of hoping it might be down to my new lifestyle. I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow anyway.

Thanks :)
Well, I saw my GP about my results. He said they were all fine and kidney function and white blood cells excellent! I still think Alk Phos is a bit high though and he was more interested in talking than listening to why I thought that. He was amazed at my vitamin d level of 118 and said he has never seen one that high! He is testing a lot of people at the moment and they are ALL deficient or insufficient! He said he would be very happy with that result and I didn't want to burst his bubble so left it at that. Unfortunately, nothing is explaining my back and hip pain though - I should be a picture of health according to him. The strange thing is that the hip pain started shortly after starting OMS. Maybe a complete coincidence, or am I eating more different things etc.... I will keep trying different thinks and hope it settles soon as it is really become a problem.
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