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After a lot of pushing I finally managed to get the MS consultant to give my wife a vitamin D test, the letter reads:

"I am writing to you with your test results - vitamin D level 62.7 nmol/L.

As you know I arranged this test at your request. Unfortunately, the clinical significance of this test with regards to your condition is uncertain. It is generally considered a dose of 100 nmol/L is optimal with regards to MS but there is currently no evidence of vitamin D supplementation is beneficial for MS. That said, this treatment is relatively safe. I would usually recommend a dose of 2000 to 4000 units a day. I would not recommend routine vitamin D monitoring as previously discussed."

Here is some info. About my wife:
Age: 40
Weight: 9 ½ stone
Height: 5ft 2”
Currently taking 1000IU + 25ug + 5 ug (across 3 different supplement tablets)

So what dose should she now be looking at?

Also is the consultant wrong about Vitamin D?

Any help is appreciated
There is evidence that Vitamin D helps...

Dr. Jelinek has clear guidelines. He advises that PwMS aim to keep their levels between 150 and 225 nmol/L. So your levels are too low.

I keep my level at ~200 nmol/L with 10,000 IU per day. I did two rounds of mega dosing at first. Check out the OMS website for details. Each person is different but I found the guidelines a great starting point!

Hi Steve

At the royal free in london they recommend that you take 5000 units a day. My GP initially was very sceptical but when my blood test came back last February with the perfect score, she swallowed it.
The ms nurse also encouraged me to buy my supplements online via amazon - much cheaper than in drugstores/pharmacies.
This February my test came back with 150 despite taking 5000 every day, as we are encouraged to be on the upper level I now take two tablets every other day. Vitamin d is really the cheapest, least harmful, quickest and least dangerous way to make a change so don't listen to this ignorant doctor. Even mainstream publications and I think even ms society are in favour of vitamin d intervention!

All the best for your wife and how great of you to get involved!

Thanks for the replies.

We are worried as my wife has been having symptoms of a relapse for the last 2 weeks - initially it was a stabbing pain to her left fore arm (every 2 seconds) and now it's continuous and from her elbow to her hand and the pain is bad enough to keep her awake at night.

So reading other posts it looks like she needs an urgent megadose - so how much should she take?

Hi Steve

To give you an idea of how my Vit D supplementing worked out:

My original Vit D reading was 23nmol/L (so lower than your wife's). My GP gave me a megadose of 480,000iu (60,000iu per week for 8 weeks). This took me to 172nmol/L, and I have been supplementing with 10,000iu per day since (my decision, not my GP's). Not had a Vit D test since the summer so I'm not sure where I am now!

Hope you get sorted. Vit D is easily purchased on Amazon (Healthy Origins Vit D3 tablets), and I think you can also buy your own Vit D test online, so no need to struggle with your GP if he's not playing ball!

Yes she should megadose now probably around 150 thousand IU and then keep on 10 000 IU per day. She might want to think about a B12 test as well.
I took 150,000 IU in one day for my first mega dose. That got my level from 36 nmol/L to 73 nmol/L. I did a second mega dose of 250,000 IU. That got my level to 152. I took 20,000 IU per day for a couple of months. My next serum level was 203. I take 10,000IU per day. My serum level is now at 205 nmol/L.

Hope this helps!
I would definitely check vitamin B12 levels. My ND aims to keep serum levels of B12 between 700 - 900 for her MS patients. Supplement with Methylcobalamin - it is the form needed for nerve damage repair.

I take 6 capsules of this supplement:


Thanks for all the info. it's appreciated

I've ordered:

Vitamin D-3 Extreme capsules (50,000) IU from ProHealth
Healthy Origins Vitamin D3 Gels (5,000) IU from Amazon

Is there Anywhere in the UK I can get some high dose D3 while I'm waiting on delivery?

Also I'd be interested in obtaining D3 / B12 type test yourself & send to the lab. kits - it sounds like the sort of thing you should be testing every few months, anyone know a good place to procure?

Thanks again
How about this?

http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/ ... rodid=6241

I could pick it up on the way home from work......
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