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I have read lots of previous posts on here regarding this but I hope no one minds me still posting my recent personal experience as it is really stressing me out.

A bit of background...

I was provisionally diagnosed in October 2013 and am still waiting for my second Neorologist to finally see one of the two MRI scans I have had done (the first one was lost in my transfer across hospitals!). He also sent me for an armful of blood tests including Vitamin D. I started following the OMS programme in October as soon as I found out that I may have MS and have been following it strictly ever since, refining things in light of advice from this superb forum.

In relation to vitamin D I have been taking 10,000IU supplements daily since around December having had no reference test beforehand, so I was interested to see what the results would be. I have not yet seen the Neuro but I phoned today and spoke with the MS coordinator who told me that my results were >400 and that this was fine as it was above 75. I queried the exact result and she just said it is higher than 400. She also said that she is not clinically trained and that I should see my GP if I am concerned.

So...what does >400 mean? I did maths at school of course but in your experience should I be concerned? I mean it is not 400, but greater than 400...in theory it could be 401 or 1500!!

I stopped supplementing two days ago and have ordered some 5000IU tablets but how long should I leave it? My GP has given me a blood test form for lots of tests, one of which is vitD ( which I asked him to include) and I was planning to go for it next Wednesday. Should I leave off supplements until I get the results of that and then go onto 5000 per day?

Very confused, more than a little worried and hoping for some sensible advice...

Many thanks

PS, just writing it down helps a lot :)
Matt - don't stress about the level.

I read somewhere (OMS website or book) that the adult body uses up the equivalent of between 4000 to 5000 IU per day. If you drop your intake to 5000 IU daily, your serum levels will get to the target range rather quickly.

I also read somewhere that levels up to 500 nmol/L were safe....let me dig up that reference....

Thanks Claire, I appreciate your reply. My main concern is I don't know how far above 400 I am. If it was exactly 400 I would not be too worried but I just don't know what >400 means on the NHS test (other than the obvious). So do I wait another week before starting 5000 as I am also worried that my levels will drop too low if the body uses it up as much as you suggest.
Hi Matt

I was in almost exact the same situation, I took 10000iu a day and weighted 72 Kg and no sun, my VidD became not measurable because above 375 nmol/l in my case. I stopped supplementing for two weeks and then carried on taking 7000Iu a day. six months the results came out at 208 nmol/l and again six months later 298nmol/l, so I will cut down to 6000iu a day. Its a very delicate matter to hit the tarket. But dont panic, being high is definitely better than being low. Its very unlikely that you will be above 500nmol/l from taking 10000iu a day.
I would take a brake for two weeks and then go on with 7000iu a day, depending on your weight. Take the amount of allover body sunshine you get into account and then get retested in six month.
In the meantime you can google Vieths study (cant find the link) on people with high vitD and related side effects, up to 800nmol/l, he didnt find any.

All the best

Thanks Peter, that is reassuring. I weigh around 72kg too! I have ordered 5000iu tablets so not sure how to go to 7000 unless I buy some smaller denomination ones too. My biggest fear is getting my levels too low but I will try 5000 and get retested in a few months.


Just take 10000 a day five days a week
I take 50,000 once a week either as 5 x 10,000 or 1 x 50,000. I've always taken my vit D weekly because I find it easier.

Diagnosis Dec 1998 OMS Feb 2010 Retreat Feb 2012
Thanks for those suggestions, I will experiment :)
I alternate 1 5000iu capsule or 2 5000iu capsules so it averages out at 7500iu per day
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