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Mmmm, is 7000 about the optimum daily dose then?
That will largely depend on weight and exposure to sunlight, but 100iu per kilo of body mass appears to be what people take to keep levels stable in the high normal area, still bi annual testing is preferable.
OK so I stopped supplements completely for a week and got retested. It is still >400!

Any advice? Doc says stop supplements. He doesn't get OMS by the way.
Stop taking supplements for two weeks, then take 1000IU per 10 kg of body weight ie if you weigh 70kg take 7000IU/day.

And don't stress about it, your level is not dangerous. Look on the bright side - you are not at risk of a relapse because your vitamin D level is low ;-)

Get tested again, if you wish to avoid conflict with your doctor, try this:

By the way, my level was just under 400nmol/L and my GP was not at all worried.
Thanks Wendy, I will try that. My blood test included calcium which was within normal range so I am probably worrying too much.

Thank you all for the help. This whole thing takes a bit of getting used to and it can be lonely when people (not on here) are telling you it will make no difference. At least I feel that I am doing as much as I can and that I have some control over my future.

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