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Hi everyone!

I'm sure someone out there will know the answer to this.

My most recent test resulted in the level being at 200 which I was happy with. My doctor in the past has been happy with this too, but all of a sudden he thinks it is too high! He wants me to come to about 150-160 as he is concerned about toxicity.

I have had the conversation with him in the past about toxicity but suddenly he has changed his mind. As a result he wants me to stop taking the supplement for the next 3 months (oh no!) to reduce the levels.

Does anyone know how reduction works? Is there a rule of thumb, or is it related to weight or something? What do you think my level will be in three months with no supplement and , remember it is winter here. I don't want to reduce it to below 150 at the very least!

Thanks all you clever people!

Hi Judy

You need to have a conversation with your doctor. 200nmol/L is within the normal range, that's right, the NORMAL range! That means many people who don't take supplements have a level of 200, and some higher, mostly those living in the tropics. There is no documented toxicity associated with that dose. More importantly, a high normal vitamin D level is one of the key ingredients for MS recovery.

Another conversation is in order. Ask to see the evidence suggesting toxicity at that vitamin D level.

Be well

Thankyou so much for your response George!

You are correct, another conversation has to be started about Vitamin D with my doctor. I have taken print outs from this site regarding this issue many times! I know his response to the fact that people live with their Vit D at around the 200 - he says to me that the sun is not toxic, supplements are etc.

I really dislike feeling like I am always having to tell him these things as he really does an excellent job and I am sure there is a mass of reading he already undertakes as I am not his only patient. However, it is my dream that a gp will one day come on board with the OMS lifestyle and I don't have to feel like I am telling him how to do his job all the time!

So I am taking my supplement just as if he has said nothing!

Thanks again George.
Hi Judy,
I had the same problem with my doctor - when my level was 225 she flipped and told me to stop supplementing and being new to everything, I followed her advice - around 6 weeks later my level was 90 and I had a relapse and spent a fortnight in bed with unbearable fatigue - I took a megadose and got up to 160 and she suggested that I stop supplements again - she says she is bound by the AMA to make sure I don't go above 150 - very frustrating as she simply refuses to hear anything else. I simply agreed with her - no way did I stop - I took another megadose to bring my level higher . I am not sure what kind of conversation we will have when she gets the results of my latest test. it is frustrating because I don't want to change GP over this issue but I will certainly not be pressured into another relapse!

Thanks for sharing your story -it is a sober reminder that we all have to take charge of our own path in this. I don't know whether AMA has the say in this matter- but obviously someone does. My doctor told me that frequent blood tests for vit D can be questioned my Medicare!
I agree, changing doctors is something that we should not have to go through over this issue. Now I have been told that my doctor's location is going to change and so I am faced with finding a new doctor. I think I am going to visit some and reverse the 'interview' style- I will ask them questions! Not hard ones, just things like the Vit D issue! If they say they can't go with it, then I will have to respond with 'then you are not the doctor for me.' I don't want to waste their time or my own.
It comes to the point that really, if I can't find one who will help me with this, then I will just go on my own and not mention the Vit D thing to them. The obvious problem with this strategy is the nagging thoughts of 'what if my level has dropped' or 'what if my level is too high'.
But George writes (below) " 200nmol/L is within the normal range, that's right, the NORMAL range! " We need George to say that everywhere he goes!

Whatever the outcome with our doctors, you are correct- we will not be pressured into placing ourselves into a position for a relapse. It is apparent that this takes courage to go against what they direct us to do.
We need to remind ourselves often, that all OMSers are full of courage - they are taking responsibility and making choices for their own health direction!
Thanks Judy - good luck finding a GP that will go with your VIt D regimen - it might be worth asking around on this website - you might have someone in your area who has found someone already.
As long as your local practice will do the blood test for you to monitor it I don't think it matters whether the GP is for it or against it. My Dr squweals if it gets to just 100 here in the UK.
Hi Judy

It is possible to get Vit D home testing kits online, so there is no need to rely on finding a GP who supports this. Always nice to have your GP on side though! It is also very easy to buy high dose Vit D online so you can megadose if required.

Thanks folks for all the ideas!

I have previously googled home test for Vit D and can't locate any in Australia but maybe I missed something.

I just wouldn't like the relationship with the doctor to become a battle field over vitamin d. Seems crazy so yes, Rachel it is nice to have the gp on side! If anyone knows of a gp who is happy with OMS in the south east of Melbourne let me know!

I do not have any difficulties sourcing the vitamin D (from USA) or getting the blood test, it is just the result that troubled the gp!

Thanks all
Hi Judy,

My GP never refuses me a vitamin D test. I am on the Mornington Peninsula.

You may have some luck with an integrative GP. You can find one in your area via this site: https://www.aima.net.au/profiles/search/

or this one: http://www.niim.com.au/clinic/practitioners

Here is a link to a vitamin D testing site: https://vitamindcouncil.zrtlab.com/


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