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Hi My husband is about to start taking Vit D, his neuro has written to the GP suggesting 4000iu, after he asked about it. I have read that he should also be taking calcium - is this right? Our GP does not know about this treatment, and has arranged for an initial blood test. My husband was taking Avonex until Jan this year when the neuro suggested that he now has Secondary Progressive. He is really unwell, problems with vision, fatigue a major issue. We are in the UK, but it is hot now, which does not help. Any ideas re the calcium? Thanks
Hello Teresa, there is a very good 'What's New' article (link found on the home page) called 'The Risk of Calcium Supplementation' which should answer your query. You should also read the section on 'Sunlight and Vitamin D' found under 'What To Do About MS' and the FAQ's.
Thanks for the reply. I have read these articles. I have also read that high dose Vit D causes the calcium to leach out. So you can see my confusion. I guess like all medications there is a risk factor. Regards
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