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Problems with vitamin D3 supplements.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:01 pm
by inflames
I was diagnosed 3 years again with probable RRMS. I have followed the swank dote for 3 years and after buying doctor Jelinek's book I decided to do something about vitamin D.
So I recently got my results of my Vit D level and as expected, I am deficient. ( 47 nmol)
A few weeks ago I started taking Vit d3 daily. ( 5000 IU)
Well, I am not sure that I really should continue.After a week or so of taking the pills, I started having really bad acid reflux and a very horrible metallic taste in the mouth. Later on the taste developed to horribly bitter. It was absolutely hellish as it did prevent me from sleeping. And no sleep and MS= a big no no for me.
I thought that maybe it was just a bug but still decided ( quite reluctantly) to stop taking the Vit D and to see what happened. Well, it all went back to normal.
So a week ago, I started the supplements again. Unfortunately, just after a few days the metallic taste has come back, the roof of my mouth is irritated and I am rather scared to take any more supplements as I now think that I might be having problems with Vit D3.
I don't know where to turn as my GP and my neuro have have made me feel that I am on my own with the Vitamin D treatment . When I first asked my GP to have a blood test to check my levels, she seemed interested and contacted my neuro.( my GP seemed concerned about the high dosage of vitamin D) I felt really positive but shouldn't have as the neuto responded saying that it would be pointless testing me for vit D deficiency!
So I decided to go private and financed the test myself.
I thought that it would be quite straightforward to get my levels higher with supplements but I don't know what to do! All the evidence is here telling me I MUST do something, but my body seems to have other ideas!
I have just re read a medical paper written by dr. Embry called ' vitamin d in the fight against multiple sclerosis" He raised his patients levels by giving then a combination of Vit D3 ( 4000 IU) and magnesium plus calcium as well.
Does anyone have any idea if maybe that would help me with my current symptoms? Could my problems with Vit D be alleviated if I used the other supplements too???
PS I take the vitamin D with a teaspoon of olive oil as I know it is ft soluble.
I know that I should an initial mega dose of vit D3, but seeing that I am not doing that well with the 5000IU , I am quite scared of the possible consequences of taking 50000 IU or even higher as dr Jelinek suggests.!

Re: Problems with vitamin D3 supplements.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:42 pm
by MS Mom
Do you have access to full sun this time of the year? I'm not a doctor and don't have a technical answer for you, but I think you should probably rely on sunshine/tanning beds until you get it sorted out.

Re: Problems with vitamin D3 supplements.

PostPosted: Mon May 03, 2010 8:41 am
by Zeeba1
I would not do tanning beds, as we all hear of the high risk of developing melanoma which has been in the media regularly.
My Vit D was 48 , like yours, this is very low. I was prescribed Vit D 10,000IU per tablet , 1 everyday for a week. Next test from my doctor , it was up to 85.
Doctor still thought to low so had another weeks course a few months later. Now up to 120 which I believe to be good.
I have never had the metalic taste. I don't normally take these with anything else except breakfast.
You can buy the Radiance brand of Vit D, as a lower dose alternative. At least you are getting Vit D.