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You are way too low and need to take a minimum megadose of 120 000 iu straight away I can't find the link to do the correct calculation but will keep looking but for sure you need a megadose of around 120 000 followed by at least 35 000 iu per week more if you are over 65 kilos.
This is a US vitamin d reading I think.
The US use a different measurement calculation for vitamin d.
veg wrote: If you are already not heat tolerant then yes do not spend long time in sun, be better to spend two short sessions in the sun. See what you can tolerate 20 minutes for some people is too much. I for many many years had complete tolerance and could spend hours outside in the sun, not everyone is intolerant to the sun heat.

hmm, that's very interesting. I never knew that!
i know it is US - the level is still way too low - it should be 6- ng/mol minimum - better 80 or 90 - 90 corresponds with 225 via Australian measurements nm/mol
I I mean 60- 90 but my computer will not let me edit right ow :evil:
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