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Hi folks

I'm aware that on this site there is a chart that gives a guide to what amount of vit D to take according to one's current level to bring the level above 150nmol/L.

But I just can't find it - frustrating!

Can anyone please give me the link?

Best to all
Under resources in FAQ
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... rces/FAQs/
Can't say I recall a chart though
Thanks Veg

Of course I had looked in the FAQs (and may other places on the site) and can not find it.

I was asking for the link (as in one clicks on the link and is taken to the page displaying the chart.

Wishing you wellness
I have never seen a chart either. It has been discussed many times in the forum though so should come up in a search.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Is this what you are talking about

https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/further ... lts-mean/#
Hi everyone

Thanks to those that replied to my post - I appreciate your effort.

I ended up getting in contact with the lead doctor from my OMS retreat and found out that the chart is not published on this site. I was very glad to have the info emailed to me, so here it is:
Amount of high dose VitD to take to bring level above 150nmol/L:
VitD Level nm/L - Dosage Required
< 25 - 600,000 IU
25-50 - 400,000 IU
50-75 - 250,000 IU
<150 -100,000 IU

This is very useful information for anyone new to the program.

Best wishes to all

Look into Vitamin K2 as well.
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