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Hi guys,

I've seen this topic come up a few times, apologies for dredging up a topic that's probably already been discussed!

I'm considering to switch for D3 capsules to a liquid dropper option, and was looking at this D3 liquid from Solgar lately:

Solgar Liquid Vitamin D3 - Natural Orange Flavour - 59ml x 5000iu
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Solgar-Liquid-V ... B004V8MNTI

The ingredients for each 0.5ml of this are -
62.5 mcg Vitamin D3 (5000iu as cholecalciferol), Mixed Tocopherols. Sunflower Seed Oil, Flavour: Natural orange Directions: Each half dropperful (0.5ml) serving provides 5000iu of Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).

I was wondering if any of you take this and if the sunflower seed oil might be a problem? Sunflower seed oil is mostly omega 6 polyunsaturated fat, so probably won't make much of a dent on the daily sat fat quota. However, i've read that omega 6 could promote inflammation so I'm cautious about trying out this product.

Any thoughts you guys?

I can't see that the tiny amount of sunflower seed oil in such small qualities of the liquid would be an issue, but others may have a different view.

Because I have very fair freckled skin I cannot spend any amount of time in the sun to get my Vit D, and I found that many commercially available "capsules" in pharmacies are not high enough strength and you have to swallow too many of them to get enough Vit D.

I found the following Cholicalciferol sub-lingual 2,000 IU tablets available on-line. Sub-lingual is dead easy to take - just pop a tiny tablet under your tongue a few times a day and let it dissolve.
http://biovea.net/AU/product_detail.asp ... 577&OS=244

At my next GP visit I will be asking for a Vit D3 blood test, so we'll see how well they are working (my Vit D dropped quite a bit when I had to stop taking it for a while because it was negatively impacting on my magnesium levels which then caused other problems, but once I got that sorted out I started back on the Vit D again)

Biovea seem to have on-line "shop-fronts" in several countries, their products are affordable, and they also do a sub-lingual 1,000 mcg Vit B12 - which blood tests confirmed had definitely worked on raising my B12 levels, so I'm expecting that their Vit D3 will have done its stuff as well. Their sub-lingual B12 is Methylcobalamin, which is the type recommended for MS as your body has less work to do to metabolise it. Quite a few sources strongly recommend avoiding Cyanocobalamin, which is what the majority of readily available over the counter B12 supplements are, as Cyanocobalamin is cheap to manufacture (and Cyanocobalamin should NEVER be taken by anyone with a rare condition called Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy, as people with this condition are unable to excrete cyanide and it builds up in their body).
http://biovea.net/AU/product_detail.asp ... 753&OS=244

Biovea also have full ingredient listings on their site for each of their products.
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