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Hi all!

This is slightly off the normal track, and I'm not sure if you'd be able to help, but I wondered if anyone knew of the safety of taking a vitamin D megadose (ie 150,000u) if you have renal problems (possible acute onset renal failure)? This isn't myself, but a friend of mine who isn't on this forum. She is in dire need of vitamin D rapidly and a megadose is ideal, but I don't want to advise her of that when her kidneys aren't working quite right, in case it is too much....?

She's started on 5000 units/day, but does anyone know if she could take more?

As I say, just asking on the off chance anyone has any ideas.

Thanks a million and best wishes all,

Hi Louise - big subject and no simple answer, I'm afraid. It depends on whether she's had preceding chronic kidney failure [and why], in which case some of her treatment in the Renal Unit might well include Vitamin D [especially if she's on steroids] at one end of the spectrum, and at the other end of the spectrum chronic kidney disease associated with abnormally high Vitamin D-like activity in which case it's contra-indicated. Acute renal failure with no preceding kidney disease may be totally or partly reversible, and Vitamin D treatment may be independent of it. It's really one for the Renal Physician to sort out, knowing her Calcium and Parathyroid status, if she has another pressing reason to supplement, like MS.
Thanks for that.

No history of renal issues, is acute in nature and, unfortunately, related to advanced gynaecological cancer. (No cancer in kidneys, just a knock on effect of having cancer in the body, we've been told). Developed v recently.

She isn't receiving vit d from the hospital, & she isn't toxic at all.

Given her circumstances, I think there is a benefit to be derived from taking it, just want to be careful.

Thanks very very much!
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