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Actually your level is not high at all, it is not even in our prefered range of min 150 nmol/L.

Your dose of 70,000IU isn't high either unless you are taking it dailly. Which would not be advisable unless you are on the Coimbra program with medical supervision.

How often are you taking it?
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Yes you are absolutely right sorry didn't read it properly.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
I'm under doctor supervision and yes, I'm taking 70,000IU every morning ;)
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Good to hear that the Coimbra discussion is continuing (awesome to see your posts Villnietis!). I have been on the Coimbra treatment since May 1, 2016 (mostly because of your influence Villnietis). Since May 1, I have been taking 50,000IU/day and was told last week during my latest consultation with the naturopath trained with the approach in Canada, that I should increase to 70,000IU (I am 62kg). Anyway, life is great! The lab numbers are good and I feel more energy, (noticeably) compared to last summer. In the first 2 weeks I was quite tired feeling, but then I felt better and better. I still have numbness and a slight heavy left foot, but I can already hike longer (2hrs!) and have more daily stamina, often no longer feeling like a nap in the afternoon (I used to feel exhausted by 2pm). Now maybe a little tire by 4pm, and maybe have a little rest, but no longer a total breakdown of energy. I am so happy to have found this treatment and there is real hope that things will continue to get even better. OMS helped me stabilize my progressive MS for 2.5yrs. Now I am getting better and better with the Coimbra approach. Thank goodness :)
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Vilnietis, how are things going with you?
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Hi Amarie,

I don't come here very often lately.
I'm very well. The biggest worry for me was/maybe still is calcium. But I don't have any problems related with kidney stones or other issues. My tests performed every quarter confirms 0 side effects while on high vitamin D dose. I will reach 2 year milestone this winter, so fingers crossed that I'll be attack-free during my first 2 years after the diagnosis.
I know it doesn't prove anything, still .. I look at my diagnosis now as just strangest thing that ever happened to me. The most difficult part is dealing with the diagnosis psychologically and almost every day thinking about it. Others doesn't help either, especially the ones, who are too suspicious (or curious I should say? :) ). Sometimes I feel tired of trying to prove everyone that I'm .. like everyone else :roll: I mean .. no one can tell just looking at me, still .. it's like written on my forehead for some :) My message to newly diagnosed "don't tell anyone, I mean anynone". People talk .. :)
Dx 2015-02 (RRMS), REBIF 2015-03 till 2015-07, OMS 2015-05, High vit D. doses 2015-08
I am also on the protocol, doing great! I hope there will be more coimbra doctors in the future. And it is really good combinable with the OMS programme
Dx 2015-02 (RRMS), REBIF 2015-03 till 2015-07, OMS 2015-05, High vit D. doses 2015-08
An update from me...Kat the Rat. Yes, I am still on the Coimbra therapy and happy with it. I have been on it since May 1, 2016 (a year and a half) and have had good energy since. So the fatigue is gone, although I do not have the energy I had pre-MS. But I can get through the day now without a nap and I even do cross fit now! Also, my incontinence isn't quite as bad either anymore. On the downside, none of my other problems went away. I still have the same degree of numbness and a bit of drop foot when I walk a lot (otherwise a heavy left foot and I just need to focus on engaging the ankle). It's a little wobbly, but it couldn't be too bad if I'm out hiking and stuff. Most people can't notice.

So...I do recommend the therapy. I was stable with OMS before going on it, but I have this extra assurance now and I have all this energy. It helped me regain half my life, it feels like :) I like Dr Sanja and I feel safe with her. I am 140lbs and taking 100,000IU right now. I started at 50,000, but increased as needed to get my PTH between 1-2 (ideal in order to stop MS activity). Of course taking high levels like this has to be monitored. Drinking ~3L per day and avoiding high calcium foods or at least having them in just small quantities is necessary. My GP had to give me the requisition for the bone scan, but I had to pay for it ~$170. The other tests I do through a local naturopath and then I just email the results to Dr Sanja. Otherwise the GP and neurologist are not supportive medically but seem happy to see the results.

So we, as Coimbra followers, are really 'on our own'. But there's really no down side, so long as you drink enough and take your supplements and follow the diet (my experience). Because I had too much Ca in my urine in the first 6 months, I had to cut nuts down to like 1Tbsp a day (if that!), and with the OMS diet I was feeling REALLY restricted. So I have added lean chicken and turkey back into my diet (white meat as much as possible) and once a week lean beef/liver. This was based on my Natropath's recommendation. I need to survive somehow! But I still keep sat fat very low and am following the OMS diet in intent:) I just had to modify it for what works for me.

if you have any more questions, please send me a private message. I'd also love to hear from you and your experiences if you feel like keeping in contact. I know when I started I reached out to others on OMS doing the Coimbra protocol (about 5 people) and it made me feel safe. Nobody had anything negative to say.

Also a heads up -I felt really tired during the first 2 weeks of the protocol. It was after the first 2 weeks that my energy came back and then gradually improved. Then I got to my current energy level about 2months after starting the protocol. Good luck and take good care!
PPMS: Right hand numbness 2009; increasing symptoms 2011; diagnosis 2013; OMS Dec 2013; Stable since 2013; Started Coimbra high vitamin D therapy May 2016.
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