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i live in the sunny israel, recently diagnosed with osteoporosis in my bones (the steroids i received all these years are taking its toll).
my vitamin D levels were really poor (about 40), and i decided to take 10,000 daily units few months ago (without consulting the doctors)

when the osteoporosis diagnose arrived, the 4 doctors i saw (separately of course) almost yelled at me, saying this was a very irresponsible thing to do, that i can get toxic reaction which will be almost incurable.
i don't who to listen to anymore. according to Prof Jelinek recommendation, the Vitamin D levels should be 150 and more, while the doctors strictly forbidden me to get anywhere this value, claiming i don't have any Vitamin D shortage.

its hard enough to deal with this damn disease, so to get such contradicting advises is confusing and disturbing.

what's your opinion on this?
Can you please specify what units you are talking. .... ng/ml or nmol/l
I sympathize you for the difficult situation you are in. I'm sure that no one in this forum will confirm your doctors' concerns. As far as I remember Dr. Jelinek have cited some articles in vitamin D chapter related to the safety of that "high" dosage. Try to find these references and show them to your doctors!

Diagnosed 2001; 2001-2013 Avonex, Betaferon, Mitoxantrone, Copaxone; 2014 vegeterian; 2015 OMS
557 - not sure what do you mean.
i take 10,000 units by drops which are the equivalent of 250 micro-gram
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