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Hi Everyone. My wife received a NUCCA treatment a couple weeks back in the hopes that it would help with some of her dizziness, it has a tiny bit but nothing tremendous. As with anything it takes time, and he has had major issues with her neck so I am not surprised about the dizziness.

With that said, it seems to come and go in waves, we've had an inner ear infection ruled out by one GP, but the GP refuses to send my wife for Vitamin D tests says "everyone is low, just supplement". She has had persistent dizziness for over 2 weeks, which makes me feel this could be another flareup.

Does anyone know of any online kits we can buy to self test Vitamin D levels?

My wife is hesitant to go to the neurologist as all they try to do is push the DMD's on her and it stresses her out. We are in Edmonton, AB Canada, so I have no idea where I can pay to get a Vitamin D test or get my wife a megadose (safely).

Any sort of direction and ideas on how to alleviate the dizziness is greatly appreciated.
At the bottom of this Vitamiin D Council page for home testing links.
http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vi ... vitamin-d/

Iherb is a good source of vitamin D capsules - Healthy Origins 10,000IU are good value especially if you need to megadose.
http://www.iherb.com/search?sug=healthy ... 20v&rank=2

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I use the at home kits from ZRT Laboratories. There is a link to their site on Wendy's post above. The kits are easy to use and the results are quick - less than a week. You pay when you buy the kit. Then you just have to send in your blood sample.

I'm in the U.S.

I would suggest seeing another GP. You should not have to make do with an at home kit.
Wish your g.p would work for you.
I demanded a vitamin D test from mine and he wrote out blood test for me.
Sometimes I just go to the hospital lab and ask for a blood test which I have to pay $45.

Many people are lows on vit D, but for us with m.s that is not good and often triggers an attack.
With regards to the dizziness, I found craniosacral therapy worked for me. An hour long session cured dizziness that had plagued me for around 2 weeks. I am in the UK, but I am sure you will be able to find a practitioner if you look online. If you put 'craniosacral therapy' into the search bar on this site, it will take you to some other threads where I have advocated this therapy!

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