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Can anyone tell me what your vitamin B12 levels are meant to be? My blood tests showed that mine are 439 (I don't know the units) which my GP tells me are normal. Is "normal" ok for B12?
Also, my most recent blood test showed my vitamin D was "greater than 175 nmol/L", but I couldn't get an actual figure (despite the GP ringing the lab). This is a huge improvement on my last value (35 nmol/L). Is it enough to know its >175 or do I need to get an actual value (not sure how I would do this as our seems the local lab doesn't give back figures above this??

Above 175nmol/L is within the OMS guidelines. A shame you can't get the exact figure for your own records. I have ordered my own Vit D test kit online in the past, and they let me know the exact result (rang me in a panic as it was above 200nmol/L, but calmed down a bit when I said I was following OMS).

I am afraid I am not sure what the B12 level should be. A good question!

the info I have says normal is between 239-931 pg/ml hope this helps. Jacquie
My functional doctor likes B12 levels around 600, I found studies re Japan and their guidelines of 800 so I keep mine at least 600. It is essential to have enough and it is not toxic.
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Taking one pill of 10.000 UI vitamin D3 is the same with taking 5 pills of 2.000 UI vitamin D3, or 10 x 1.000 UI D3 ?
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
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