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Hi All,

I had a review appointment with my consultant and I have been working on raising my Vit D to minimum of 150 to max of 225. The highest recorded level I have got to is 146 and at my latest review it went down to 91. I was dissappointed it had gone down but I had lowered my dose thinking I would still be high. I told my consultant that I am going to up my dose to get my levels up. My consultant said that my ideal dose is 75-150, I am happy to ignore this advice as I believe in the OMS programme, however When I went on to explain that I would continue to work to improve my levels he said that he was concerned that I could develop renal stones.

Has anyone else been told this?? my intention is to continue with higher doses anyway but is this a concern that any one else has been told??
Vit D is connected to calcium absorption in the body, in recent studies it has been shown that Vit D deficiency is more prevalent in stone formers than in controls, 56% of those with stones were deficient, compared with 44% in the control group.

My read on this is that low Vit D is more of a problem than higher Vit D.

Study on Vit D supplimentaton
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I agree with Farrier.
I'm more scared of being low in vitamin D and having an attack that may be bad.
I try to keep my level at 200 nmol/L
I had a result of 299 and figured I only needed 8000iu a day. 8 months later my level was 79.
So I mega dosed and hope my next level is in the high range again.
HI there,
below is a reply from Profssor Jelinek to another member with concerns about high vitamin d3 levels.
I understand you don't have concerns, but that your Doc does.Maybe it is worth asking him where is the evidence that it causes renal stones!
Good luck

Re: Reducing my Vit D levelb
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Hi Judy

You need to have a conversation with your doctor. 200nmol/L is within the normal range, that's right, the NORMAL range! That means many people who don't take supplements have a level of 200, and some higher, mostly those living in the tropics. There is no documented toxicity associated with that dose. More importantly, a high normal vitamin D level is one of the key ingredients for MS recovery.

Another conversation is in order. Ask to see the evidence suggesting toxicity at that vitamin D level.

Be well

Thank you Rose, Blueberry and Farrier - really appreciate your responses
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