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Hi All,

I've been supplementing since I got the diagnosis in Jan last year. The first blood tests showed vit d lvl at 73 nmol/l.

So because of that I wanted to increase my supplementation, also because of the obvious lack of sun exposure here in Denmark. I increased my supplementation to 10,000 IU.

Time ran and I recently got my levels checked, and it was a bit shocking actually. My levels were at 350 nmol/l and I was told that I should not supplement from now on, but I was not told how long. Due to the high level my calcium lvls also increased, which was also highlighted by the doctors that they should not be.

Therefore, I have 2 questions for you guys,
How long, will it take to bring down my lvls to 150 for example, which is what I am for?
And how much vit d should I then take over the winter? I was thinking around 4-5000 IU.

Hope to hear from you :)
Hi, if it were my result I'd not take any for 3 months and then test again to gauge the speed of it lowering naturally.
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