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Hey everyone!
I have a question regarding balancing vitamin D levels once you get to a higher level. I recently tested my Vitamin D levels and they turned out to be 266 nmol/L , which I think is a pretty good level to have. However, I've been taking 10 000 IU every single day without skipping and I did a quick research and learned that if I keep going like this every day, then the levels will get even higher. So for two weeks now, I've started taking them every other day which amounts to around 30-40.000 IU per week. Is this okay for balancing the levels? Obviously, I don't want to go under 150 nmol/L but I don't want to go above 300 as well. And unfortanately, I don't expect to see sunlight until May, when it starts getting warmer. so does anyone have any recommendations or personal experience?
Thanks a lot!

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I get my Vitamin D3 tested twice a year, fall and spring, by the same lab. I take 10,000 IU per day. Only once did it come back high (280 nmol/L) . This was a fall testing after the sunny summer. I pulled back on how much I took for a couple of weeks and then, when I tested again in the spring I found my level at 215 nmol/L. I chart my levels and really still take the 10,000 IU per day. In the winter when I don't get outside in the sun, I find that my level does not keep increasing. I suggest getting tested and charting your levels until you know how your body uses Vit D. That, I hope, will give you some piece of mind about your levels.

Note: I did some mail-in Vit D level testing and the results were very different from the lab used when I get tested with my MD. To be consistent, I now always use the lab from my MD.

Thanks for your reply!
Yes, I am planning to get tested in April again to see what has happened. I guess I don't even have a clue on how my levels react. :(

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Hi Nick

Our body doesn't store Vit D, which is why we need to keep supplementing. You will probably find that your levels are higher during summer months where you are receiving more natural Vit D, and lower during the winter months, regardless of how much you take. Testing is the only way to keep an eye on your levels.

Hi vitD is stored in the fat in our bodies. Studies clearly show that we need to keep levels up to stop relapses.

As far as getting/maintaing the right levels you are doing the right thing by testing regularly. You will work out how much you personally need and summer when you are out in the sun you may well need to take it every other day.

Everyone's body is different, I have to have 10,000 per day and over all my body seems to need a lot of it and levels drop quickly if not careful.
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