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Dear OMSler,

With an high occasional Vitamin-D dose of ~200'000 IU I used to have Vitamin D (25-OH) levels between 100 and 150 nmol/l.

Now I took my last dose 4 months ago. In a test two months ago and a test I had now the results says >250 nmol/l with a reference-range of (50-150). So basically my levels are above what they are able to measure.

I first suspected my biotin treatment (1 g/d) to have this effect, but the pharmacist couldn't find any plausible link. My next suspicion was that Aubagio might affect my kidney's ability to transform Vitamin D to convert it to calcitriol (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3), so I measured this value too. The values for 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 as well as for calcium and parathormone are normal.

While these latter results are reassuring I'm still wondering why I have such a high value of Vitamin-D even 4 months after the last supplementation.

Curios on your thoughts.

My levels skyrocketed to almost 400 mol/l on 70000 IU weekly, much to my surprise. It took me a long time by trial and error to figure out the right dosis for me which is 40000 IU weekly in winter and 30000 during summer. That keeps my levels nicely around the 200 mol/l mark.
My neuro suggestion was that is was "something genetic" but could not offer any explanation to what genes should be involved or if a test existed. Extensive internet search has not offered any explanation either. So some of us are maybe just the odd ones out, with regard to vitamin D that is.
Hi Reto,

I started out at around 73 nmol/l when first diagnosed. I supplemented 10.000 IU for months and my lvls exceeded 300 nmol/l quite fast (6-8 months after dx)- my neuro alerted me (as my calcium levels also increased to too high levels) and said that I should only take 2x25 ug (2x1000 IU)for 3-4 months and get my lvls checked. I got my lvls checked- 173 nmol/l. Perfect I think.

That was during wintertime- so I guess I absorb vit d3 very easy. Now it is summer and I will still take 2x25 ug (2x1000IU) until I get me lvls checked soon. I guess it is very individual how u absorb vit d3.
Reto - anyone on biotin should print out the relevant pages from the Medday website about which blood test biotin can interfere with. Unfortunately you need more pathology knowledge than ordinary people posses to know which type of blood test is being used and whether the results could be a false High or a false Low result. If you are taking biotin you and your treating medical practitioners need to be aware of the potential for false blood test results.

Vitamin D is one of the blood tests affected, as is thyroid. It's best to stop your biotin several days before a blood test is taken just in case the results may be inaccurate. From the numbers you have quoted I reckon it's very likely that the results were skewed due to you taking biotin. So - although I'm posting to this thread months after your original post I'd be inclined to get your Vit D done again after taking a few days break from biotin, as your levels could well be quite different to what the blood test showed.


Also see "The use of biotin, however, has been linked to cases of apparent hyperthyroidism likely attributed to its interference with thyroid assays."
https://www.neurologyadvisor.com/actrim ... le/740885/
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