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I have been taking 10,000IU for approx 4 weeks, my vit D level on 29/05/18 was 103.2 nmol/L. I'm thinking I need a megadose but unsure how much to take?! I've read a few posts & can't make sense of how much I need to take, any suggestions? Thanks
Unfortunately, there's no single answer that works for everyone. If you can have regular tests, you could try 100,000 IU and then get your levels tested a week later (continuing on 10,000 IU a day). See what affect this has and either stay at the new level, do it again, or go for a higher dose.

Once your level is up, you need to test again after a few months to work out what you need for a daily dose (and if this differs with the season).

Hope this helps.
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Thank you for replying Diggity.

Had a 100,000 iu mega dose on Wednesday & taking 10,000iu daily. Will test again this week & hopefully that has helped!
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