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Anyone taking Alendronate medication?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:01 am
by Judy
It has been a long while! That says something to all you newly diagnosed ones- keep following this wonderful plan and you will have success. I was diagnosed in 2005. One of the issues had been Vit D but then after several doctor changes it has finally been easy- no disagreement from my doctor!

Now I have struck a problem. I started taking Alendronate ( for osteoporosis ☹️)in August and my Vit D has been dropping every month, despite Alendronate containing some Vit D.
Does anyone else take this medication? Is it possible that my body is utilising more Vit d?
I am not sure how to rectify this - increase my 5000IU per day or take a megadose?

Love to hear from some one out there with a clue about this.

Stay well everyone!