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My level is 136 nmol.I amcurrently experiencing an exacerbation.!!!!

Over the last 2years on oms my level started at 70 and I went up to 280 at one stage but am finding it changes quite a lot.

I know I need to get my dose now over 150 quickly.

How much vit d3 should I megadose with.?

Ive read all your previous kind comments but cant seem to get the right figure .Is it 150 000 or 400 000 ?

Where would i purchase said megadose in Britain and if I need to send overseas for thgem what are the names of some good companies

Many thanks in anticipation
Have a good holiday
Hi shell, i mega dosed at 150,000 iu. I get my vit d capsules from amazon. Brand Solgar. 5000 iu, vegetable capsules.
Think the last lot i got from iherb online. Delivery came from USA so had to pay tax on it.
Just google ‘ solgar vit d 5000iu vegetable capsules’ and you should get a few sellers
Dunno if this helps. Hope you are well.
Johnny, in Glasgow.

One megadose for a person about 60kg should be approximately 300.000 iu.
I bought from amazone Vit d 3 depot 50.000 iu.
It works because my levels went up from 63 to 330.
"Thank you both for replying to my query-very kind.
Have taken 150,000 and am awaiting vit d blood test so hopefully this will take my level from 136 to over 150 at least and hopefully nearer 200.
Thanks to all other posers of questions and repliers-.IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED

Have a lovely holiday
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