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Hi there George.
I recently had my vit D3 level checked and found I was 55nmol/l. The following day I took1 50,000 iu capsules 3 times in the day. Since then I have been taking one 10,000 iu capsule daily. That was 6 days ago and I don't know what to do next. I have these 10,000 iu capsule I purchased off iherb.com. I got readings for my 12 year old twins and found that they have frighteningly low levels also. My son has 59 nmol/l and my daughter has 55 nmol/l.
I feel quite sick at the thought of our results.
Could you help me please. I have successfully taken vitD3 capsules before by prescription from my G.P. I was taking one 50,000 iu capsule weekly. I messed up when I started to buy on line from a cheaper source not paying attention that they were only 10,000iu capsules. I have not been giving enough to my family.
I only stumbled across this error recently after reading some of the forum comments. I was alos shocked that my level had not increased at all from the year before. I have been taking them for 2 years now. One year on 50,000 iu once per week and mistakingly 10,000 iu once per week.
I feel so bad about this for my children.....Does it take long to get my children's levels up? and what should their optimum level be?
Thank you George.
Rose and family
Could anyone tell me what dosage of vitD3 they give their 12 year old children and what mega dose amount should I start them on to raise their n/mol?
Some help would be gratefully appreciated as I feel very alone here.
Rose and family
Hi Rose

I have two teenage boys (18yrs & 15yrs) and a 12 yr old daughter. Although they haven't had their levels checked, the boys are taking the same dose as me (they are both very tall and slim but weigh much more than me!) 1x 50,000 each week. My daughter has a bit less, 1x50,000 every other week. I have spoken to their GP and explained what i was doing and told her of my diagnosis (different GP to mine) and she thought it was absolutely fine and a very good idea, she continued to say that Vit D is so important for so many things. I then told her about George and the recovery program and she was very excited ,her words were something like " I know of him! I met him in Melbourne many years ago, and I would absolutely trust anything he says!" (Needless to say I will be changing my GP)
Anyway getting back to the kids, they are all outdoor kids and get a lot of sun in the summer but will continue with supplementing and increase my daughters dose as she gets bigger. I did give them all a mega dose of 150,000 to begin with also. Their GP was ok with that even though their levels weren't checked.
Incidently my level after diagnosis 18months ago was 79nmol/l. I last checked it 6months ago and it was 213nmol/l so felt I was on the right track.
It really is hard sometimes to know what the right thing to do is in relation to children so felt much better after talking with their doctor.

I'm sorry that you felt a bit alone in all this and hope this has been of some help.

all the best
Thank you so much for your reply Anastasia...I will start my twins off with a mega dose of 150,000 than get my girl on 50,000 iu once per week as she is my weight and my son a little less as he weighs lighter than me. I think I will get their levels checked again with me in 3 months time to see how they are going.
I need to change G.P's as he shows no interest in this subject. I have even phototcopied information off this web site for him and he has never commented about it. All of the nurses at this medical centre try to convince me that a vitD level of 55n/mol is fine despite my efforts in explaining about George Jelinek giving reference to his web site once again.
Thank you for your understanding and kindness....something the world is lacking in...
Rose and family xx
Hello Rose, have you searched the forums for answers to your query? You will find that these questions have been asked in the past and the Professor has given some answers. Just use search terms such as 'vitamin D' & 'babies' 'children', etc.
Thanks for your reply Lisa. I am sight impaired and find using a computer very difficult especially when it comes to searching and processing information.....Also I feel my mental and physical fatigue is my most challenging deficit so getting an instant reply from Anastasia was wonderful to me....
Thank you for your time.
Rose and family
Right, another instant reply coming up! Back at the beginning of the year the Professor gave this answer to another member:

"...The literature is growing every day on the importance of having a high-normal level; check the What's New section (http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis.org/News-And-Events/Whats-New-Out-There/Detail/The+higher+the+vitamin+D+level%2C+the+lower+the+risk+of+relapse/) for the latest paper which shows that for every 25nmol/L higher the level, there is a one-third reduction in relapse rate. I now aim to keep my own level over 200nmol/L. There is simply no single published report anywhere in the medical literature on any complication arising from a daily dose of 10,000IU.

As for supplementing the children, that is clearly a much more significant issue for you than for your GP. As long as you keep the pro-rata dose at or below 10,000IU a day (say 5,000IU for a 25kg child or 2,000IU for a 10kg child) then there should be no need for monitoring, although if your GP or you are concerned, then a blood test may allay that worry. But don't be talked into accepting a lower blood level than 150nmol/L; the evidence is strong that this sort of level is highly protective against developing MS..."

If you want to read the whole thread here is the URL: http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis.org/Community/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=21&hilit=vitamin+d+children
I don't know how to express my thanks....I am so grateful Lisa. My children's health is the most important thing to me. . All I want in life is to do the very best that I can as a parent to minimise the chances that they may develop this condition. I will never forget when I was first diagnosed. Sitting in the neurologist's office I asked him "what about my children. Will they develop it?" He told me the chances are one in 30. I was suddenly filled with hope and relief " that's not so bad right. If I had 30 children then only one would get it.". He swung around smartly and said "actually it is!". I think I stopped breathing for a moment..
Life has not been easy. But then I don't believe it is for anyone. I am thankful each day that I am a parent. It is such and honour and a privilege....I am so lucky.
Thank you so much for this information Lisa. I. I feel that I can take care of them properly now....
Thank you.
Rose and family xx
Hi Rose

I'm so glad that you are feeling better about everything. You are so right ,as parents we all want the best for our kids, top of the list being good health and happiness.
Teenagers and pre teens can definitely be challenging (in more ways than one :roll: ) and for me supplementing with VitD is probably the one thing that is met with the least resistence. Our 18yr old has pretty much taken most things on board and is quite happily drinking the rice milk in the fridge.....not so easy with my 15yr old and 12yr old (although no complaints about the vegan brownies now in the pantry).
Our kids are all really social and very independant and are therefore always out and about with their friends, which means that Macdonalds and KFC are often in the picture. I really don't stress too much about this as I feel that all I can do is give them lots of good things at home and teach them by example and hope that eventually things will sink in and they will then start to make better choices. Perhaps I'm wrong in this attitude but I really don't think that nagging works and guilt is definitely a wasted emotion. We are very open and honest with our children and lots of healthy discussion takes place and I am very hopeful that they will eventually get there. But at the same time I need to remember that we all have our own journey and although we try and guide our children in what we feel to be the right direction ,they too must find their own path.

I really wish you well, it sounds to me like you are an awesome mum and your kids will be just fine.

warmest wishes
You sound like a fantastic Mum! You and your partner sound like you are supporting your children beautifully and have a great approach to life.
Take care and thank you once again.
Love and light
Rose xx
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