Thank you for your feedback, Matt. I remembering hearing about Ricketts being on the comeback way before I’d really realised any link with MS, like so many other things attributed to lack of sunlight, really – and yet ‘we’ are still getting skin cancers… as to
matt_778 wrote: The other gotcha is what to do about vaccinations... thats a whole other kettle of fish.
I hear you, but I'm not touching that debate just yet :)

It is amazing how a few days away from computers and out of the city, can do for someone – if only it was possible more often.

I think I have my hormones in check ;) and with some time to think, I realise I need not worry about the vitamin D, as much as I was, I am better off following my instincts.

From what I have read, I am pretty confident that I will do no harm, only good. Even on looking at my local Chiro’s website, and this month’s info special just happened to be pregnancy, with a link to an article on vitamin D, of all things. I have only ever read ‘good’ things about vitamin D, and the consensus seems to be that everything ‘we know’ is out-dated and that basic guideline levels are indeed far too low as they stand.

My conclusion is that a mega dose is completely out of the question, during pregnancy, even with low levels – without genuine study and data, this I will not do. I will continue to take up to 5000units daily, I feel safe with this, and feel crap if I don’t take them and stay indoors – go figure.

I am starting to feel a little jaded with doctors and the system and policy, ugh, policy. Is it wrong of me to be going against the advice of all my doctors? Seems like a crazy idea, but I have to be my own advocate, and finding professionals that I agree with is going to be challenging ...

Thanks again,