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I used the link from one of the articles on this website to order vitamin D over the internet. My order was delivered fine (I'm in NZ) but a friend of mine with MS who lives in the same city as I do ordered the same thing (dosage etc) and had her order held by Customs and was told they would not release it until she could show that a Doctor had prescribed it due to the large quantity - has anyone else had problems like this?
I wonder if Professor Jelinek could send an email to customs. Would that help? What a bummer! I live in the USA and so your customs folks are out of my league. In the USA, I would call one of my U.S. senators (we have 100 of these in total in the USA, two per state) and cry, and the senator would contact customs and get the stuff released. Would using your political representatives work there? I could also call my representative in our Congress and she could also get customs moving.

Honestly, vitamins are vitamins--not dangerous drugs or contraband.
Never had any problems myself and live in NZ. Perhaps you just got an eager customs officer!
Do you have a good relationship with your GP?
Perhaps they would agree to a note to say that they are aware you are taking it.
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I got mine fine via customs, but my friend didn't. Her GP won't support her taking that level of Vitamin D so won't write her anything. I've suggested that she go and discuss with the local MP (our equivalent to the US Senator suggestion) so thanks for that.
A good GP (and there are lots in NZ) would be happy to consider the evidence if it were presented in a non-threatening way and out of the Medical Journals. Print the reference material out from this site on Vit D3 and ask the doc to consider it. Explain that this info is what you are basing your decision to take high doses on.
Has your friend asked the doc to test the blood levels? Then you will have more of a case if it is low.
You can't expect them to agree with everything you want to do (that is their job to guide you) but it will be pretty hard for them to disagree when evidence is presented from a source they respect.
If they refuse to even consider it and they won't work with you then you have to find someone who will.
Perhaps ask some friends who have MS to recommend some other GPs.
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