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I have just had my blood test results, which I asked for at my doctors, and they have come back. All the Information they are giving me is that my vit d is over 250. The phosphate and calcium they say are normal. Is over 250 too high and if yes would it come down if I take my supplement on alternate days. I take 5000iu daily. I also eat a lot of salmon, probably every other day, and it may be this that is pushing up my vit d level. Many thanks, Steve
Hi Steve,

I believe Dr Jelinek suggests optimum levels being 150-225 nmol/l Your level may be a little high and it may be worth reducing when you are in the sun. Being based in the UK I would imagine keeping 5000 iu daily supplement okay. However it is on the high end at present and may be worth just not taking for a small length of time. You have just reminded me to get retested as I was 173nmol in June 2016!! I too take 5000iu daily!!
Hope this helps
Thanks Anita xx
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