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vitamin D and gut

PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2010 3:32 am
by Roses
Hi All,
I'm wanting to take high dose Vitamin D -50,000iu and 5,000iu but am a bit worried that it could trigger my ibs symptoms. Has anyone had problems with Vitamin D and gut upsets :?:

Re: vitamin D and gut

PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2010 7:51 am
by Kashu
I have taken a megadose of 150,000IU and then 6months later 3 days of 50,000IU morning and night.
Have had no issues at all with these doses.

Re: vitamin D and gut

PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2010 5:21 am
by vybbob
I have been taking what I thought were megadoses at 40,000 IU once a week for three months. Not quite the levels I've seen a few others report, regardless, I've had no stomach issues.

Earlier this year my doctor diagnosed me with IBS, then I went to an allergist. She had me tested for food allergies and found I'm sensitive to many foods. Since modifying my diet to avoid these foods, I have had no stomach problems at all. Granted, it's only been a couple of months, but in the past I hadn't felt this good for a couple of weeks at a time let alone a couple months.

I also believe some of my food allergies are what trigger my MS relapses. This is based on anecdotal evidence from three different episodes, only time will tell.

Bobby V