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This morning I did the 5K parkrun at Bramhall park. There are parkruns at parks all over the UK - all 5K, at 9am every saturday.

It was great! Lots of people (~400), very friendly, all ages (little kids through to retired people, athletes, people trying to get in shape, even some mums pushing toddlers in pushchairs as they ran). Some sprint, some jog, some walk-a-bit-run-a-bit. Clear route marking with lots of marshalls. Some routes are 2 laps, so you can drop out after 1 if you don't feel up to 5K. As someone who lives in an urban area of the UK, it's particularly good to run in a park; amongst meadows and woods and duck ponds - lovely :-).

PS you carry a barcode so that they can time your run and you can get the result by text message or email, so good for those in training too.
That's great. I took the kids on a 5k. We walked. It was so exciting. I'm getting some running shoes and want to do one.

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Great. I was just reading about these yesterday. It is such a lovely idea.
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