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wow, thanks for all the positive comments!

Alex, it took me 3 months - which was pushing it a lot. I am resting this week and I will start again next week and try another race in December.
I just read your post Patries, congratulations!!
I think that is amazing. The human spirit and will to succeed is such a powerful thing.
This is such an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing :D
Love and light
Thank you Rose!

I'm up to running 2 miles 3x weekly at the gym. I can't do more because my hip begins to hurt. I'm rolling every night to keep the hip pain at bay.

Running feels so great. I'm going to continue.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Really well done! I am a runner as well! I ADORE running!!!

Take Care

Phil XX
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