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Glad to hear you're enjoying running Alex.

I went for my first little shuffle in over three months yesterday. It was wonderful. Only managed about 300m and then walked the rest but my legs felt more like my own afterwards for a while. Felt more coordinated.
In the last few days my head pain has been better so thought I'd give it a go.
Depending on how I pull up tomorrow, may have another go.
Good luck. And I agree with your description - my legs feel like my own afterward.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
I started running again after a long break (15 years) 2 weeks ago and have run almost every day since. I feel stiff and sore, but mentally really well. In conjunction with the weight loss from OMS and the good health that OMS brings, running is breathing new energy into my life.

Diagnosis: Aug 2012, OMS Sept 2012

Great to see people running again and getting their legs back. It has helped me so much, mentally and physically. Tomorrow at 5am I will head out to another 10K trail run/race. Again, my goal is just to finish. Someone always runs with me, just in case I need help and don't want to bother a total stranger.

There is a great organization called achilles international that has running guides that can help out with races for those of us who might need assistance. If anyone needs a guide, please look into it. My sister is a guide and she is running with a blind runner at the Boston marathon this year. The guides are trained to help you out, keep you motivated and make sure you aren't pushing beyond what's healthy.
UPDATE on my 10K race:
I ran half the race with a friend and then I told her to go on and did the 2nd half on my own. I shaved a minute per mile from my last race which was about 4 months ago.

Even if you think you are running slowly, just keep going. I know it's not really about getting faster, but when you do get faster it is pretty exciting. I was surprised when we finished because I came in about the top 35% of all women runners of all ages.

I am going to enter one race every few months so I can stay motivated. I can't do many other sports because I am not that strong and I am not coordinated -- but running seems to agree with me so I will stay with it.

(Now, if I could just do 10 push ups/press ups that would be good!!)
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