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Hello folks, this week and last i really feel that i may have hit a turning point.i have cycled everyday, tuesday was 30 miles and i have done my weights. I am feeling like my old self. Yes i get strangeness in my legs if i dont exercise. Am i really getting over ms? Am i really improving? Honestly- i really hope so. I am on a wait and see approach according to my neuro. My ms is mild. Exercise helps me to be me again. I really hope and pray it is the same for you all as well. We are all on this journey together. We have come along way you and I.

Phil xxxxxxx
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Hi Lizz

Yes you are winning.

Believe everyday that you are getting better and better.

Good Luck

J :D
Hi Phil!

I had the same sensations with my legs in the beginning too. They felt weak on the days I would not exercise and would feel much better after I did. I'm happy to report that the weird sensations are completely gone. I'm sure yours too will subside as time goes on.
Hard to believe that years ago they recommended people with MS avoid exercise!

My body also feels better with exercise. It has given me energy, reduced stress, and decreased generalized aches and pains. I can tell the difference on days I don't exercise.

I get grumpy if I haven't exercised for a few days ;-) Hard at the moment as the weather here is unusually (very) hot which saps my energy, but tonight will definitely involve a trip to the gym!
Hi Phil!

I've just done a dance workshop/course which culminated in a performance/showing last week. The first time I've done any since diagnosis. It was an accessible dance group with most in wheelchairs, a range of abilities and conditions but all dancing! The legs still aren't doing what they're told and I tried a sports chair which was fun and scary, did several unintentional wheelies and went over backwards once! It was good to get back to doing what I used to do many moons ago (graduated from professional contemporary dance training 18 years ago) and it is something you never forget, bit like riding a bike. The arms still work and I did a lot of floor work to compensate for the legs, had to dig out my knee pads and foot protectors but still took rather a lot of skin off my feet. Just like the old days! The air con in NBT's studios was great, it was worth going just for that. Even the sessions when I thought I'd be fit for nothing were OK once I'd cooled down. I hope to do it again next year but hope that the legs are working better by then.
Keep up the exercise and find what works for you is my advice!

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