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Good for you Tony... I will never forget my first jog after being laid up - it was an amazing feeling! Also, very good of you to take a moment and celebrate your victory... Keep progressing - one step at a time!

Diagnosis: Jul 2009
OMS: Jan 2010
Proficiat Tony. Nice to read.
Thanks for posting such wonderful event.

Great to hear!

Also, welcome to a new Mid-Atlantic OMS'er.

We actually had our FIRST mid-atlantic in person lunch a few weeks ago in NYC...keep an eye on the boards as we will try to plan another event in the fall!
Hey I was so pleased to read this tonight ;) I was only diagnosed in January, started OMS programme 3 weeks ago and Medication (Gilenya) last week. This year has been quite a roller coaster ride for me and I tried to keep up my running (and my chin) through it but last few months have been really tough ;( I was so down this evening thinking that's it I will never get back to my running and then I read this!! ;) Thank you so much for posting as it gives me hope that the old me will return some day.....soon hopefully! I know I am still ultimately same person and that MS has not changed me as a person but I am certainly a very different version of myself compared to last year.
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