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Hello everyone,
today I finished my first half marathon. I celebrated having MS for 13 years by running 13 miles.

Running a race would not have been something I ever would have done before MS. It's because of MS that I want to challenge myself more. It's taken one year to be able to run this far, slowly adding miles. I did it in 2:20 which is pretty good I think. I probably could have gone a little faster but I wanted to make sure I ran the whole thing and didn't stop or walk. I sprinted at the end and it was so amazing.

It was probably the most fun thing I have ever done. I am so inspired by all the people in their 60s and 70s and even 80s that were out there.

I urge you to try some kind of race, whether it's a 1K or a 5K - it's such an amazing crowd full of positive people all taking control of their health.

happy exercising to everyone!!!
Congratulations Patries!!
I think that is just awesome:-)
You can truly lay your head on your pillow tonight and say to yourself..." I have done it Patries. I have made it." And fall asleep with a big smile on your face:-)
Congratulations once again.
Love and light
Rose x
Fantastic to read, go go you, super well done :-)
That is so awesome & inspirational for all of us. Congratulations on your achievement!!
Congratulations, Patries! And thank you for sharing the great news and being an inspiration! ... I'm full of happy smiles just reading about your achievement!

Well done, Patries; you are inspiring!


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This is so wonderful. I do know what you mean about setting such a goal. I'm a swimmer and do the team portion of a team triathlon each summer. This winter, I'm installing a pool in my living room so that I can train all winter.

Teena Marie
Thanks everyone! I don't want to overdo it, but doing maybe 2 half-marathons per year will probably be good for me.

Teena Marie Johns wrote: [...] I'm installing a pool in my living room so that I can train all winter.
Can you say more about this, it sounds intriguing.
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