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I've had ms for the last 27 years and for the most part been fine with only a few minor symptoms.I've been a runner for most of my life but have had to give up over the last few years as my balance has become very poor and I've developed some foot drop in my left leg. I'm able to walk for an hour or so but need a stick and my husband on the other side with frequent rests! I swim regularly and have a cross trainer but is there anything else people can recommend for my strength and or balance to improve. I've been on the programme since last July and have seen improvement in energy levels and all round health but these other symptoms are still irritating.
My understanding is foot drop is related to hip flexor strength.
Pilates is great to do and many exercises cover this area.
I also find cycling on my bike outside good too.
I'd highly recommend Pilate's.

I also do some yoga to help with balance and strength.
I love my bike used to love running and walking but struggle to do either now had a few falling while running as I get a very sleepy leg and walking sends be off balance ,love been on my bike in the fresh air think the momentum helps with my weaker leg.
I would also strongly recommend yoga for improving balance. Just a few poses every day could do the trick. My major symptoms so far have been vertigo and loss of balance but both improved with yoga. When I started 3 months ago, I kept falling to the side in all the standing poses but with almost daily practice, I now perform even some poses that require balancing on one leg.

The teacher in the MS yoga program I attended told us to do any type of exercise we enjoy, including running if we felt like it but cut back if feeling overtired the next day.

Good luck!
Thanks for all the advice. I had a go at pilates last week which I enjoyed and will get my bike out soon!
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