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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to post a link to a wee diary that I'm trying to keep which documents some of my running and biking - when I was diagnosed in January I was terrified I wouldn't be able to keep doing the things I loved to the same level and I thought it would be interesting to write about how it progresses. Luckily, nothing much has changed very much so far, I just tend to wear less clothes so my eye goes wonky! I'm keen to make sure that having MS doesn't put people off doing bigger events and distances if they're able to, so want to share my wee missions. Anyone who's unsure about how well veganism and athleticism can work together should read Scott Jurek's book Eat & Run for some inspiration...

I'm running an off-road marathon in October to raise funds for MS Society Scotland.

If you're interested, please have a look at http://www.themstrail.com or http://www.facebook.com/themstrail and feel free to share...

Thanks for your post. I was diagnosed in January this year also and can relate to what you are saying about exercise and carrying on as 'normal' etc. Really interesting to read about all the adventures you are having. Good luck with it all!

Wow! Your stories sound like mine. I was diagnosed in January 2014. I am a cross country coach and we run every morning in the summer (I'm in the US). I ran for forty minutes this morning and did everything the team does (sprints and exercises). I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do this but I can and I plan to keep doing it. I do respect the heat and so find myself wearing lighter and less clothing. My vision (left eye) never returned to normal and does get worse if I get too warm when running.

Keep it up! I'm feeling confident (at least trying to be all the time if possible) that the OMS diet will keep me here. I hope all goes well for all of us. I've been a life-long runner and would be disappointed if I can't continue at least in some manner.

Keep the faith,

Thanks guys - nice to hear from people with similar experiences. Betsy, it's great to hear you're still able to perform to the same level - I'm going to have to remember just to trust in my abilities and listen to my body if I'm going to continue pursuing 'hard skills' qualifications and work in the outdoors... Although 'cognitive disfunction' was a handy new excuse for a navigation error during a recent race!

Enjoy the journey,
Hi ... Just saw this thread today (September 25!)) so I'm quite late in joining, but am curious how you all handle the fatigue factor when exercising at a normal level? I was diagnosed in January of this year and fatigue is the biggest issue I have right now. I keep trying to perform at my normal level but then can't get out of bed! I find it really difficult to not do the sports I love (distance running, biking, hockey) at the same level; any advice will be welcome.

After Dx, I wasn't as active. I was worried about everything and spent a lot of energy worrying. As winter turned into spring, I made sure to get outside in the nice temperatures. At first I started out running 20 minutes. After a couple of days, 21 minutes and so on. This as well as getting started on the OMS lifestyle. Now I'm going as much and as hard as I want. Last night I ran 4 miles at an 8:00 pace. That's pretty good for me! Sometimes our cross country team will run for over an hour (not all continuous) and I can do that. When I feel tired, I turn to meditation. I can tell when I'm in need of more rest if I nod off while doing a sitting meditation. I then know I just need to go to bed early that night and sleep. I was feeling unusually tired a couple of weeks ago. I posted about it and Nryan suggested that I make sure my vitamin D level was where it needed to be. It was a bit low and I mega-dosed (50,000IU a day for three days) and my energy came back.

Some days when I'm tired, I know that a good run will bring back the energy! Today is one of those days. I will, however, be mindful of any other activities I do tonight. Too tired is not something I've tested. So I'll get in my workout and then gear it back for the evening. Watch some tv that takes two brain cells to watch! :D
Hi all. Had MS for around 4years now. Been on OMS to the best of my ability for about 3,1/2 years. Been healthy the whole time, with minimal effects from MS and no further progression. Ive been a runner since before my diagnosis and used to do other activities too but have refined it to running now. After some time i now feel comfortable describing myself as a runner. I regularly run, at least 3 yimes a week. And at times every day. Ive not encountered any lessening of my ability and have probly got quicker as ive gotten older/lighter. Recently i ran 38 miles, 7 hours of activity. The hardest part was finding foods that I could eat. This is always the biggest issue with me, finding OMS safe food to provide fuel and also on food whilst holidaying can be difficult. But cest la vie, alls good i ma hood, suns out so might try and get out a run aftrr work. Hope you all are well. X
Happy to came across with such enthusiastic thoughts. I also like running.
I also like running. I started it when I wanted to loose weight. And I must say, first it was really hard, I could hardly breath. Now I understand that it's the best cardio and I try to keep running regularly. I've also read at that running helps to get a better shape where I need it, so it is for me another good motivation.
I was diagnosed in 2017 and I also love running and cycling, I rode a bike several times a week. While my Tommaso is idle. Great bike is the first one. I feel sorry for it.
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