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Hi all runners out there!

I've been running for the past 3 years. Never too crazy. Ran a 5K, then a 10K. Then I trained with a trainer, ran too much and I had a flare up. Stopped training, but kept running to train for my 10K at the time. After that I just ran without a goal and I pushed myself less. So in January I started again (this has been a cycle the past years on and off) to run and sprint a bit, max 5K but trying to get a bit faster. And again after 3 weeks of doing that my body says STOP. I'm certainly not feeling my symptoms as strong as I have before but I'm clearly getting a sign from my body.

Am I disillusioned that at 35 and having MS I just cannot get faster or would another 35year old person feel a bit exhausted too (and just not feel it in symptoms)? I would love to know the experiences that others have so I can get a better feeling on what to do. I'm quite proud of myself for realizing what's going on but I would love to know if I should stop and just accept this as my limit or if it's ok to push a bit more. I know that exercise is good for us and I think George says that we should exercise vigorously multiple days a week.

Thanks so much :-)
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Hi Charlie81,
I run also and have for most of my life. I'm 49 and still running as I like. I did notice that I was getting slower a couple of years before Dx. I have no idea if that was MS creeping in or not. (Dx Jan 2014) I coach cross country at our high school and run with the team throughout the summer and season. After Dx I was feeling like I couldn't do all that running. Then I just decided I needed to try it again at full-go and so I did. I have found that I can do all the running I like and that my body sends me some messages about it if I am not getting enough rest. My body tells me I'm tired rather than showing symptoms. Some days, when I did not sleep well, I will shorten the run. I might run faster but not as long.

I do try to continually run throughout the year. Tough now with a foot of snow on the ground but I have my old shoes that I can get wet! I find it tough to get back in running shape if I've let myself get away from it. Then when I want to pick up my training, it is not as bad. I did manage to crank out a 5K last summer in 24:18 which I thought was pretty good. I would not have run that fast the summer before. What if you make sprinting part of your typical workout? During cross country, at the end of the workout we will do 6 or 8 100m "sprints" where we run for five seconds at a typical pace, pick it up for the five seconds, then blast for the last five seconds. The intent with these is to improve pace. We have about 45 seconds of rest between 100s.

I find nothing makes me feel as well as running does!

Today my workout is scooping snow. 8-)
WOW a 5K in 24.18. I'm far away from that. My best was around 29...so I've been sprinting the past weeks. I think that's exactly what is the thing that seems to be too much. I jogg for 4 min and then sprint for 45 sec or 1 min at 8 miles/hr and then a bit at 7.5 and I think that is actually what's pushing me over the edge. So today I only ran 20 minutes with sprints of max 7.5 and that seemed to have been not putting me over the edge...but I feel that way I cannot increase my running either in distance or time so I'm wondering if I maybe shouldn't...or if I should push through it and should.

Thanks so much for your insight. I guess I'll monitor over the upcoming weeks and see what I can find :D
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Hi there fellow runners,
I am also 35 and do a fair bit of running (trail). I do a few small races in my area each year. Last one was a 12km, next one 21km. The only thing I notice is that when I run for more than an hour my balance/coordination starts to get a bit out of whack (due to the prolonged raised core temp I guess, it all subsides as soon as I stop and cool down). Last race I managed to catch up a friend as I was powering on the downhill and he told me after the race that I looked a bit 'wobbly' running on the rocks :lol: But it's all good fun, I love training/running on rocky/bouldery ground because it forces me to focus as I have to watch my steps and it feels like meditation when I run in nature :-) (and I also love the runners high :D ) I don't really have any formal training routine, I don't sprint. The only thing I try to do is as much as I can is core training to help with posture and strength.
I'm 42 and vigorously run a 5k most days and jog another half mile or mile after. My pace is usually around 8-9 minute miles for the 5k. I saw this post and tried to match Catgirl's 5k time and came up short; 24:32 but I'll keep trying.

For me, it is usually at the end, if I go for a longer run, where I might see a few symptoms arise. Then, I slow down and end the workout or slowly jog the remaining time. It is certainly a balance between pushing yourself and respecting your body's limits. I make myself do the 30 minute workout daily and anything beyond that is optional depending on how my body feels. Although exercise has turned into a bit of a habit, not necessary to force myself. I am attempting to make meditation the same way; right now I miss a day a week whereas with working out, I find the time no matter what.

Bravo to you for being able to witness what your body is telling you.
I'm joining this late but felt I wanted to comment. I enjoy running but not on your scale. I get tingly legs when I do which always dies down after and my neurologist said it's nothing to worry about. I ran a 10k for the first time in my life this summer at the age of 51 and was really chuffed with myself. However what I did not do was rest for the remainder of the day and struggled a bit for the next few days with some increased symptoms which settled and I returned to doing weekly 5ks. I plan on doing another 10k but will
Make sure the rest of the day is spent in front of the tv! Keep going. It's helping us stay well
I'm sure.!
I take yoga and run daily for fitness.
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