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Yes, I have received the Xmas present, a ticket to Antarctic Marathon. And I am going to do it. More running than biking lately and totalled 180Km this month already on my feet. Feeling great as agreed with my new running coach on the plan. Latest 6 hour biking marathon was last November, and i felt tired but great. Hope i can do Antarctic in less than 6 hours:) Woohoo, hope i will not only do it, but come back with a positive story to share with MS community:).
Yes! You can do this! I have MS and I am also a challenged athlete. One of my biggest symptoms of MS is drop foot. I must wear a medical device to prevent tripping and falling while I run. I ran the White Continents Marathon in Antarctica last year. In fact, I became the first person with MS to run a marathon on all continents and I did them all in 12 months. If I can run a marathon, then so can you!
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