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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with MS in June 2018. Prior to this I had noticed problems running and even issues walking on stairs for about a year leading up to this. I run primarily on treadmill but also outdoors when the weather is nice. My issue when running is after about 8 minutes my right knee starts to feel like it's not there anymore. I know that sounds weird but it is the best way to describe it. It feels like things are not really attached around the knee anymore, and as a result my foot does not come off the ground very high at all. This results in me tripping up in my own feet. It also happens on my left side but it always hits the right first.

I bought some knee braces and they seem to extend my run for maybe an extra minute. The braces are not very tight (my leg size is kind of in between sizes for braces, so I could either have an extremely tight brace or a fairly loose brace - I went with the fairly loose brace).

I stretch before and after I run. I foam roll my legs a ton. But nothing seems to make a difference. Does anyone else experience knee issues such as these when running? Any ideas for ways to improve? I would love to be able to run longer times/distances.

I had problems with running on a treadmill and tripping over my toes. The gym staff noticed I had a strange running gait and that observation contributed towards my initial diagnosis.
We also found my trainers had worn differently on the left affected leg ( although there were problems with both legs). Physio made a huge difference with strengthening my core and strengthening in particular my quads. I was told to walk regularly along lines on pavements, walk toe to heel and realign myself by using bags on the opposite arm, walking on the other side of my husband. My new trainers seem now to be wearing evenly. My MS diagnosis was delayed and so I had to pay for private physio until I was linked into the specialist NHS service. Both physios were excellent. I also found exercises with the physio in the pool in the department very beneficial, some v simple like walking across the pool with water at waist height which strengthens the quads. I still can't jog but I amazingly managed to run for a bus recently and only occasionally trip over my toes.
Very best wishes. P
Hi MLahey.

Sounds like the joint position sense (proprioception) may have been affected in that knee... There is some retraining that we do with stroke patients that perhaps you could try (just do a google search and it will yield some results). This article explains that due to neuroplasticity it can have some benefits for recovery. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4309156/

Good luck :)
Thank you both for that SO much, greatly appreciated. I am lucky to have two close friends who are Physios and own their own clinic. I have passed this info along to them and will definitely run through this with them. I miss running!
Have you guy ever seen an Osteopath? That's next up for me.
MLahey wrote: Have you guy ever seen an Osteopath? That's next up for me.

Hey, I have come across the videos on youtube of Chiropractor Dr. Ian famous doctor of Australia. Just contact him, he definitely has a solution of your problem.
This is the main problems that may arise in tall people, like me. Therefore, it is desirable for the time of pain and treatment to replace the types of activities with alternatives, following the example of a swimming pool or different simulators such as bowflex treadclimber without unnecessary strain on the joints and back
My brother also face this problem during running and walking
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