Hello Everyone

I was recently diagnosed with PPMS (January 2018), up to been diagnosed I was regularly running 10k 2 - 3 times a week and a long walk with the dog at the weekends. After been diagnosed my running has suffered as I have been in a transient state putting the pieces of the puzzle together about my symptoms and quite frankly trying to guess how long I have had MS prior to diagnoses. I am turning the corner and getting my head around it all although it continues to consume most of my thoughts as I am a believer in 'knowledge is power' so have been researching most of the time. I am hoping to get a focus and move on with my life.

Like most runners, I enjoy it, get anxious when I cannot run and it clears my head. Prior to MS diagnoses I used to think to myself 'Crikey, I ache, the back of my legs are so weak'. I am running comfortably at 5 k (10 minute miles), I am confident I can maintain this for 10k at a push, but should I take the plunge and complete the half marathon? I am booked on it and did it last year without the knowledge of MS.

My concerns are will pushing myself exacerbate my condition? Half of me is confident and the other half wants to run and hide.

Your opinions and advise are welcome.