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a very interesting read. It is very encouraging; the idea of brain plasticity. Anyone read it?
Yes it is an amazing and encouraging book. I think it should be on our must read list.
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Currently reading it and doing the online brain training program developed by one of the neuroscientist covered in the book
This is on my reading list, im currently reading Recovering from MS, so will prob read it after i finish that.

Veg, can you provide the website address for the brain training programme please? I'd be very interested to give that a go :)
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Dr. Norman Doidge is publishing another book later this year called Impossible Cures.
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Fantastic book! Had me thinking about its contents for months!
I am curently doing the free sections and the summer open brain-a-thon
The visual exercises I am doing pretty good at yet all the social ones I am really really poor at but as a person profile this does not surprise me.
Hi all,
Re-reading The brain that changes itself helped my partner and I start to notice that I had been mislabelled as a person with mental illness.
My problems are cognitive and sensory. That can pass as like mental illness to everyday folk and all-too many shrinks.

A neuropsych assessment, and following textbook MS relapse made the misdiagnosis undeniable.

In Australia, Doidge also released The brain's way of healing.
I have two questions.
Does he have other books?
What was the brain-training program he recommended?

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